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A project roadmap is a visual tool that helps Companies to track and communicate the progress of their projects. It includes information about the technology, product, team and other important areas.


After many discussions, we decided to provide two roadmaps. The first one, is a long-term macro roadmap that is divided into 5 project life-time stages. The second roadmap is a detailed short-term road map which gets deep into the first two stages, the seed and early stages.

macro Roadmap

Although important decisions shall be subjected to holders’ governance, TCC has tackled a long-term roadmap to base and facilitate discussions, bringing a clear path towards what we are looking and working for.


Seed Stage

•Market analysis

•Idea conception

•Seed Round

•Bring key Backers/Investors

•Landing Page


•Presentation Deck

Early Stage

•Platform MVP

•Platform and Token market fit

•Customers (Investos and Entrepreneurs) feedbacks

•Product improvements and validation

•On going governance: approval of funding campaigns and release of comitted capital based on milestones.

•Operation of CSCs (Conglomerate Subzidiary Companies)

•TCC/CONG attracts attention of VCs funds.

•Pre-sale and Private sale rounds.

Growth Stage

Late Stage

•DEX and CEX offerings.

•Most of the cash generated from CSCs operation to be reinvested in the growth of operations (subjected by governance)

•Market Traction

•TCC/CONG attracts attention of PEs funds.

•Operation in various continents. CSCs to employ thousands of people.

•The increase of CSCs operating will boost our Ecosystem which will make new businesses to be created (subjected by governance).

•BPO operation for CSCs (outsourcing of backoffice).

•Funding and Advisory services for CSCs.

•TCC offices throughout the world to help the origination of deals and CSCs operation.

Both Growth and Late Stages

•Most of the cash generated from CSCs operation to be returned to holders (subjected by governance)

•CSCs are stable and very predicted.

Exit Stage

•SPV Entity may be created specifically to exchange its share to CONG in 1 x 1 proportional.

•SPVIPO or strategic/financial sale.

•Exit strategy to be discussed and approved based on governance.

CONG may be the only token in the world to have a long term strategy roadmap and a micro short-term detailed one. Moreover, based on the roadmap, investors will have the possibility of private and public exits throughout the time from DEX and CEX offerings as well as IPO or strategic/financial sale of the SPV if they keep holding the token.

detailed Roadmap

  • To have a deep overview of the first two stages of TCC and CONG, the seed and early stages, below a list of tasks is pooled to show investors as well as the team, what exactly needs to be done.

  • Apart from the funding rounds, there some important tasks that have impact on the full development of the project: platform MVP, smart contracts (token launch, vesting, yield farming and governance) and the raise of the first campaigns. The team will keep investors updated of all ongoing tasks.

  • As per our roadmap, we believe our DAO and the DeFi ecosystem will help us improve by listing CONG tokens on prominent DEXs like Uniswap and PancakeSwap, and CEX like Binance and Coinbase. Both DEX and CEX offerings are subject to governance approvals as well as to a list of prerequisite tasks and milestones to be completed.

short roadmap.jpg

(click on the image for a better view)

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