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TCC is a web3, BEP 20 blockchain-based investment and funding platform, governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), from which disruptive startups as well as SME businesses will raise capital, where the platform´s team, entrepreneurs and investors have interests completely aligned by becoming CONG holders.
Everything circulates around the CONG token. Seeking the best alignment between the Ecosystem parts all deals will be funded through the token. Founders and top management of the Companies will have part of their compensation in CONG as well as TCC Team.
Hands and Diamond

Limited max. supply

10 bn tokens. Token issuances approved by governance consensus.


Wide range

of holders


From various ways from token appreciation, token dividends, sale of CSCs, interest-bearing tokens, income-profiting features...

Pegged to SELIC (brazilian standard market rate). Tokens locked for farming as well as rewards and can not be sold in ther market. Rewards can be used to participate in CSCs deals.Seed, pre-sale and private sale investors have 120%, 110% and 105% of SELIC for their yield farming tokens, respectively.

Third Eye



Different per funding event though locked throught Years to reduce sale pressure.







Every holder can post an application for a new CSC deal. After passing through TCC management team scrutiny, it goes for consensus voting. Just after that, a new CSC opportunity goes live in TCC platform. Holder that referenced the deal, earns 0.5% of the capital raise in form of CONG.

Third Eye Hand

Price increase

per deal

Along the increase of CSCs opportunities in TCC platform. The sooner investors purchase and hold the token, the better.

Egyptian Cat



Whenever tokens are minted, 20% goes to TCC team. This aligns interests as well as keeps the DAO system running as any entity will not have controlling interest of the Ecosystem.

Illustrated Portrait



If the hard cap of a CSC event is reached, surplused value is exchanged for CONGo which will be exchanged for CONG when the next CSC event goes online. The exchange price will be CONG’(p-1), which is the token price when investors previously applied.


1.0% (50% to holders based on their yield farming stake, 25% to project funding wallet and 25% to liquidity pool). Seed and presale investors will have 100% discount in year 1 of the platform, 50% in year 2 and 25% in year 3. If they sell a single CONG during this period, benefit is cancelled.



5.0% (50% to holders based on their yield farming stake, 25% to project funding wallet and 25% to liquidity pool).

Bodhi Tree



To increase the number of investors in the ecosystem, new investors will be 1st group to be prioritized and allocated in the funding campaign. After that, investors have their allocation in terms of their share in the total CONG staked.




We do not want to concentrate decision among Founders or even Venture Capital or Private Equity funds.
The designed Governance for the Ecosystem was built by the best practices in terms of DAO Entitites and DeFi. Every single investor will have a change to participate all decisions throughout the project perpetuous lifetime.

Every holder can set to vote, if there is cash available, as governance procedure.

Crystal Rock



In order to make it harder to large token holders to manipulate governance proposals given the increased cost of acquiring votes, CONG protocol will use Quadratic voting feature per staked tokens.

Round Abstract Shapes



To reduce significantly governance attacks, minted tokens and addresses of less than 1 year are not eligible for voting as well as unvested tokens.

Blue Metallic Craters



The raised capital with be transferred to a scroll account and will be freed based on the milestone deliveries. Holders verify milestones achievements to approve the capital release. If milestones are not achieved and the Operational Company is discontinued, side pocket capital will be locked and allocated to the next raise.

Shadow on the Wall

Side Pocket


Nature Art


of ops


Voting consensus approves vesting schedule, quantity and milestones of CONG rewards to new operational team. Bonuses of operational team will be granted in form of CONG, this aligns entrepreneurs to the ecosystem which benefits holders as a whole.

Multicolor Abstract



When a venture capital and/or private equity fund provides a proposal to acquire new tokens to be minted that represents +5% of the available supply, this needs to go for voting and the project team needs to provide info on the deal.




As to fund deals new tokens may be minted, voting consensus approves if a new funding campaign goes live in platform.




Holders can delegate their voting to someone if they can not follow the discussions or do not have expertise on the matter. It can be withdrawn at any time.

ApeMax (APEMAX) Wall Street Memes (WSM)yPredict (YPRED) Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) Deelance (DLANCE) Launchpad XYZ (LPX) Wall Street Memes - New meme crypto presale launched May 26, 2023, which has since raised $14 million in six weeks. Analysts have highlighted the project's well-established community of around a million social media followers and previous success with NFTs. Thug Life - Another new meme cryptocurrency presale launched June 28, 2023, that is ensuring a fair launch with only one presale round. Over $800k has been raised so far but the $THUG presale ends July 17.yPredict - AI-powered trading platform trading platform to earn passive income, and access a P2E and L2E ecosystem. Around $2.8 million has been raised in its presale. Launchpad XYZ - Innovative crypto presale project designed to streamline the transition to Web3 technologies and dApps, as well as act as a gateway portal for users. Around $1.1 million raised in the presale.  Chimpzee - Earn crypto income gaming and trading NFTs, while fighting climate change and saving wildlife. Raised almost $800k since April 2023 launch. Ecoterra - Recycle to earn crypto project aiming to capture a share of the demand for greener, carbon-neutral cryptocurrency assets. Tokens can be sold or used to fund other green projects - raised around $6m since launch and set to end this week. Scorpion Casino - The number one social online gambling platform that provides rewards to users as they hold the native token -  $425k raised in the presale. eTukTuk - New cryptocurrency platform setting EV charging stations by incorporating blockchain technology. With $TUK, drivers can pay at EV stations, and token holders can earn staking benefits. The presale is not yet open but accepting whitelist spots. 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Ecoterra – With the presale already raising $5.6m, ecoterra is a popular choice for those seeking the greenest crypto in 2023. Users can earn rewards for recycling household waste via an innovative Recycle2Earn business model. DeeLance – A New Web3 crypto platform that utilizes blockchain technology to transform the way freelancers and employers connect. The platform has raised $1.4 million in its ongoing presale phase. Launchpad XYZ – Platform offering access to exclusive ICOs, NFT launches, fractionalized assets, and beta-mode play-to-earn games, giving users a unique chance to capitalize on lucrative investment avenues otherwise unavailable to the average investor. More than $1 million raised in its presale. Scorpion Casino – Earn up to $10,000 in daily passive staking rewards depending on the casino’s performance by becoming investing in and holding the native $SCORP token. Over 75% of minimum crowdfund goal raised during ongoing presale, which has raised over $425k. eTukTuk – World’s first automotive project built on the Binance Smart Chain. It offers a solution to carbon footprint concerns and brings affordable and efficient electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging networks to Sri Lanka. Pikamoon – A promising crypto project with immersive 3D experiences and stunning photorealistic visuals – $3.4 million raised in the presale which is now in its final stage. Anarchy Coin – A meme crypto challenging systemic flaws and enabling community ownership with innovative DAO and deflationary model. Neon EVM – An Ethereum Virtual Machine operating on Solana, simplifies dApp deployment by merging Ethereum’s developer community with Solana’s technical advantages. EyesFi – Web3 social platform, leveraging blockchain’s transparency to authenticate user interaction, driving genuine content creation and creating value across the Web3 ecosystem. LayerZero – A solution bridging the gap between different blockchain networks, promoting secure cross-chain transactions, and expanding user opportunities.

Token Allocation

No person or entity will have controlling interest in the Ecosystem, this is one of the key pillars towards a strong DAO governance structure like ours.

CONG Token allocation distribution

  • The key concept of the token allocation distribution is a Corporation-type structure of CONG holders were no group can hold more than 20% of the tokens.

  • Investors are majority holders with 19% of CONG Tokens.

  • This means that no entity or person has controlling/majority in the ecosystem.

  • Allocations of CONG tokens generated per funding phase are different due to the project life-cycle and its needs.


TCC Team




Liquidity Pool

Strategic Partners



(Conglomerate Subsidiary Companies)


Apart the initial investments in the platform development and community growth, the largest part of the capital to be raised will be invested in our portfolio of Companies.

Funding allocation distribution

  • The hiring of TCC team and development of token/platform are the most important capital allocations in the seed and pre-sale rounds.

  • As the Project ramps-up and more CSCs deals are closed through the platform, more capital are allocated to businesses. That will build the Conglomerate of Companies and skyrocket CONG intrinsic and market value.


(Conglomerate Subsidiary Companies)


TCC Team



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