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About Us

As The Conglomerate Capital and its token CONG are completely different from what is currently available in the market, please find some videos and slides to make a better understading of the project.

Intro Video
by Matt

Here please find a Introductory video explaning what are the problems we will be solving through our solution.

Logo Black.png

How TCC works
by Nina

Explains how our platform works, interacting and aligning all parts in the Ecosystem: Investors, Entreprenours, Companies and TCC Team.

CONG Tokenomics
by Jack

The video goes through all utilities of our token, one by one. Together we will aways improve it further based on consensus governance.

by Rosie

DAOs are in the center of web3. As a decentralized blockchain-based ecosystem, the CONG token, through TCC platform, will provide a democratized management structure.


Different from its kind. Take a look at some important features that make ourselves differenciated.

(click on the slide for a better view)

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