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Countdown Before Price Increases


Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments on Your Hands

CONG Token Presale Stage 21 is Open

CONG Price USD 0.1522
Price at next Stage USD 0.1931
Listing Price USD 0.5 (+229%)

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Welcome to The Conglomerate Capital

TCC is the pioneer Binance blockchain-based investment platform to bring deals to investors across the globe under a decentralized governance structure through its unique token CONG.

Different than all other Crowdfunding or Crypto Launchpads platforms, our investment opportunities are funded by one single token. Therefore, by purchasing CONG, investors benefit from the whole ecosystem of companies, The Conglomerate.

TCC invests in real world assets, within a variety of sectors which are uncorrelated with the crypto-related space, minimizing risks.

Be a part of the foremost cryptocurrency project in terms of token use cases, adoption, technolodgy and team experience. Access investment opportunities that, previously, only Venture Capital & Private Equity funds were able to.

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CONG Presale Stages

There are only 5 stages left before listing

Price Increase Per Stage


Upside to Listing Price


Presale Calendar

Presale Stage 21
Price: USD 0.1522
Period: Set.25 - Oct.09
Raise Target: USD 100,000 

Presale Stage 22
Price: USD 0.1931 
Period: Oct.10 - Oct.24
Raise Target: USD 100,000 

Presale Stage 24
Price: USD 0.3107 
Period: Nov.09 - Nov.23
Raise Target: USD 100,000 

Presale Stage 25
Price: USD 0.3941 
Period: Nov.24 - Dec.12
Raise Target: USD 100,000 

Presale Stage 23
Price: USD 0.2449 
Period: Oct.25 - Nov.08
Raise Target: USD 100,000 

Listing Date: December.14

Countdown to Listing Date


How Does it Work ?





Right after CONG listing in December, the investment opportunities pipeline open to raise capital. It is one opportunity at a time, different than all crowdfunding/launchpads available. Here, by investing in a funding campaing, investors benefit from all Companies that have already raised in the platform. You invest in The Conglomerate and not in a single opportunity. Diversifying risks, maximizing returns.

Like a venture capital or private equity fund, whenever there is a liquidy event (M&A, sale of the business, IPO...) of a Conglomerate Company, capital is distributed. In the case of investment funds, this capital is distributed among LPs (Limited Partners) of the fund, here it is distributed to CONG stakers, in the share they have among total staked tokens.

In summary, in order to be able to enjoy the true value of the project, investors are incentivized to keep their tokens, while still getting rewards from the staking, instead of selling CONG right after listing, as most of short-term investors do for all other token presales.

As our goal is to build a Conglomerate of Companies if, by any chance, a investment opportunity do not achieve the capital amount that is seeking for, the funds raised to date are allocated to the next funding deal that will open in the platform.

Investment Pipeline

To be opened right after listing in December. While getting rewards up to 59% plus compounding, by holding CONG, investors that stake their tokens make the most from the project, as cash generated from the Conglomerate of Companies are distributed only to stakers. Short-term investors that sell their tokens on listing will not be able to enjoy the true benefit of the project.

Terça da Serra


Investing in Terça da Serra, a senior living franchisee, presents an incredible opportunity in the ever-growing senior care industry, fueled by the aging population in Brazil and worldwide. With demographic data revealing a substantial increase in the elderly population, there has never been a better time to enter this market. Brazil, like many countries, is experiencing a significant shift towards an older demographic, with projections indicating that by 2030, around 13% of the population will be aged 65 and older. This trend is driving a rising demand for senior living facilities that offer exceptional care, comfort, and community engagement. Terça da Serra is backed by SMZTO, the biggest Conglomerate of franchisees in Brazil. Raise Target: $ 250,000.

CL Jóias

cl joias.jpg

Investing in CL Jóias, a rapidly expanding jewelry store chain from Rio de Janeiro-Brazil, is an opportunity to be part of a rising star in the industry that has the potential to rival even the most well-known and established jewelry chains in the country, like Vivara, which recently proceeded with a successful IPO. CL Jóias has demonstrated exceptional growth and a commitment to exquisite craftsmanship. We believe that with the right support and investment, CL Jóias can not only match but also surpass the success of these renowned chains. Raise Target: $ 250,000.

Studios Deal


Investing in studios in the vibrant city of São Paulo is an opportunity that promises exceptional returns, outshining all other real estate investment options. These studios are strategically designed to be the epitome of comfort and convenience, making them highly sought-after by short-term stayers through platforms like Airbnb. São Paulo's booming tourism and business travel industry ensure a steady stream of high-yield rentals throughout the year. What sets this investment apart is our strategy to capitalize on bull market situations by selling the studios at precisely the right moment when real estate prices are soaring. Raise Target: $ 350,000.

Hey Fit


Investing in Hey Fit, the rapidly expanding low-cost gym chain, presents an exciting opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a fitness revolution that's poised for explosive growth. Much like the success story of Smart-fit, the largest gym chain that achieved a successful IPO, Hey Fit is charting a similar path, catering to the growing demand for accessible fitness options. The low-cost gym market has attracted investment funds recently, not only due to Smart-Fit but also Blue Fit which was sold to private equity firms this year. Raise Target: $ 650,000.

Let's build our Conglomerate of Companies ?

More opportunities to come. Join us on this ride !

Listen to what worldwide Crypto Influencers have to tell you about the project

CONG Staking is now open !

Are you ready to enjoy high rewards ?
Compound Feature available for all staking methods

Locked Staking

  • 5 lockup periods to choose with different APYs: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days or 365 days.

  • CONG Tokens staked cannot be withdrawn until lockup period ends.

  • Compound feature available.

Flexible Staking

  • Single APY.

  • Investors can withdraw any time earning rewards up to unstake date.

  • Compound feature available.

30 days​



Locked Staking

60 days​



90 days​



Flexbile Staking



180 days​



Compound example

365 days​



If weekly compounded




& Security

The project raises the bar in tems of Security & Compliance

CONG Token smart contract fully audited with ZERO findings

Team KYC certificate


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What happens after CONG listings ?

 Strong fundamental reasons that will keep pushing CONG price up

  1. Staking: the longer investors lock their tokens, the higher the APY return. Staking platform already launched. Investors can choose among Locked Staking or Flexible Staking, with different lockup periods and APYs.

  2. Rewards: all rewards from Companies that were funded through the platform will be distributed to investors based on the share of total CONG staked. Rewards can be made in form of dividends, interest-bearing securities and cash generated from the sale of the Companies. All rewards are converted in stables (USDT, BUSD or USDC) and distributed.

  3. Allocation in funding campaigns: oversubscribed funding campaigns in TCC platform will allocate funds to investors that have staked CONGs first, just after, if there is any room left, investors that don’t have any staked tokens will have opportunity to invest.

  4. Governance: only locked in staking tokens with count as votes for all governance procedures in our DAO.

  5. Tag Along: only staked tokens have Tag Along rights in case the founding team decides to sell their tokens in a blocktrade and/or M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions). In this scenario, buyer is required to pay the same price per token the founding team received from the sale, if investor desires.

  6. Anti-Dilution Provision: whenever new tokens are issued, wallets that have 100% of their CONGs staked, have 20% discount to acquire newly minted tokens.

  7. Equity Conversion Multiple: In the situation any funded Company faces a liquidity event, such as the sale for a financial or strategic buyer and/or an IPO, staked tokens are converted into shares by 2x multiple. CONGs not staked are 1-1 ratio.

  8. Early redemption fee: tokens redeemed earlier than the end of the lockup, burn 15% fee.   

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